Tropic Star Lodge 2003

We did it again! The fishing lodge rated #1 in the world continued to live up to its reputation. Our week yielded over 150 Sailfish, 20 marlin and over 300 Dorado's.

This year we hooked up with the boys from New Jersey who are every bit as fanatical about fishing as we are!

Here's just a few of the fun pics:
(anyone who was there - please send me yours!)

Back again for round 2!
The place is as awesome as ever!

This is what the thrill on someone's face looks like when they hook into their first SailFish of the trip!

Joe pulled in this nice Trevale while fishing the Rocks!

Another great day - one day we caught 19 Dorado to 53 pounds!

A world record Cero Mackerel on a Fly Rod by The Man - Pete Meyers!

Joe caught this nice 53 pound Dorado - the largest for the week until another guest reeled in a 70 pounder!

Now that's an Amber Jack! This one weighed in at 33 pounds. Caught on live bait fishing the Rocks on a spinning rod.

I tagged Joe's Black Marlin. If you find him, let us know!

Joe hooks another great one!

From left to right are Steve, Bill, Paul, Pete. Bottom: Joe, Paul, Ted, Joe

Never enough time to enjoy the incredible food in Panama. Here the whole band of warriors dining on 5 pound+ Crabs!

Even better than Dungeness!

Plenty of time to relax on board these refurbished 31 Bertrams.

The boys from NJ made it BYOB!

DockMaster Tim was the best at catching the littlest fish!

Every Good Day starts with Fishing.

It doesn't take long to hook up with one of these
beautiful Mahi-Mahi if you know where to go!

If you ever get tired of fishing, you can always think back to your visit to the Panama Canal. Here's a supertanker going thru the Panama Canal.
About 6 inches of clearance on each side!

Joe shows off his photography skills
with this one taken in the Village.

We were treated to a village dance.

Reeling in another big one!

Ceviche for lunch anyone?

Sailfish number 17...

Dorado must be the most beautifully colored fish of all!

The pool has been redone - wow!

Up at 5:30 was easier than Joe thought!

A few less mega yachts since last year -
this one is obviously paid for!

Gotta get some Bait!!!!!

Steve - the King of Beers! Oh, and there's
Joey tasting some of that fine wine.

Fishing the rocks is full of action -
reels go off about ever 30 seconds!

The only Taxi to town. No roads for 400 miles
 - no doctor for at least 150 miles.

We even had a time to sharpen our trap shooting skills.

Another fine day - the view from the rooms.

Aerial View of the Tropic Star. 35 Miles from the Columbian Border - paradise at it's finest!

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