Deep Sea Fishing in Antigua

What do the Glenwright's do for vacation? They go fishing of course!
Our good friends John and Satish just happened to be on vacation in Antigua the same week, so we went fishing!


This the boat we chartered - a 45 foot Hatteras called The Obsession - clearly one of the nicest boats in the area.  






We caught several tuna. Here's Jackie with a Blackfin and a Bonito. Antigua is South of the Virgin Islands and the seas can be rough. We were in search of White Marlin, Dorado and Wahoo.








There were multiple opportunities to reel in these monsters - Barracuda. Handling a Baraccuda is one more reason to go with a pro. Satish pulled in this beauty.  






One of the best eating fish John caught was this Rainbow Runner - even tastier than the Wahoo we'd heard so much about. These fish are rare so you can't even buy them in the stores.








There's nothing like hooking into a Giant Mackerel just to have its tail bitten off by a Shark. We were lucky to get this one in and also leave the shark behind in the water.    






Besides hunting the elusive White Marlin we were also in search of these - Wahoo. They are a cousin of a Mackerel and have sharp teeth. Great fun to fight and very tasty to eat. John and I each caught a Wahoo.




This is just one of the MegaYachts we saw down there. The one behind us here ahs a Sailboat, Fishing Boat and Helicopter on board. 








When we had our fill of fishing, there were some really incredible beaches.  








Fishing from the Pier at our Hotel was great fun with the kids. Here's one of Jackie's First Catches!